Art Up-Close {The Experience}

What is it? It’s from an art exhibit I attended in Pennsylvania. What does it mean to you? That’s entirely your interpretation and a good example of the ‘experience’. It pales in comparison to view a fraction of a three–dimensional art installation photographed up–close. It becomes another thing altogether when viewed as a body of work as a whole… that’s the ‘experience’! When was the last time you visited a gallery or exhibition of works? Sometimes, a photograph tells merely part of the story. It’s incomplete unless viewed within the context of the greater picture, or exhibit. On opening night, it’s possible to have a one–on–one conversation with the artist and/or gallery owner. If you’re involved in the creative arts, you’re already aware we must stretch our boundaries and find new inspiration over time. What better way to approach this than by imbibing the process of an exhibit or live show? Go on… find a gallery near you. Suss it out! Many times they’re free to the public. See all you can experience in person. Best!


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