Power Line Series…

Power lines, whoa! Step back… Those tall, tangled, foreboding, ever–present poles and wires. Nobody pays homage to them until the lights go out, right? Yeah, when we can no longer access our modern, technology–driven microcosm of a world. “How long do I have to wait here, seemingly stranded in denial of how reliant everybody is on these damn ugly things?” Respect!

Yet another grouping of ominously wired things out–stretched toward the sky. Why’s this one different? Perhaps a substation electrician could tell us what the heck is going on here. I’ve got questions, but no answers. I certainly don’t know a technician in the field.

A closer look… obviously some kind of precariously–perched, powerful dark force. “Stand back folks, a storm is approaching… leave me to my devices and get inside for safety!”


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