Pennsylvania, 1845

I was born in Pennsylvania. Abington to be exact. Although I grew up in Rochester, NY, my first year of life was spent in Willow Grove, PA. Later, I revisited my home state to attend college in Philadelphia. Recently, with camera in tow, I went to the old Slate Hill Cemetery in Yardley, PA. Entering the side lawn, my eyes were drawn to this headstone. At first, I noticed as it stood nearly alone in the field. Then, the date on the stone drew me in further. William Demby, Born 1845. 166 years past. He last walked the earth 123 years ago. The final resting place and that of his son, William Arthur Demby, tells an incomplete story to all who walk by. I wondered why William died relatively young and why his son, lived less than a year. In the end, William died three months after his son. So, by chance in passing through the field, I pay homage to the Demby family of Pennsylvania, who lived on earth before us all.

One Response to “Pennsylvania, 1845”
  1. Annie says:

    Nice to honor those that go before us.

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