Safe House {Notes on a Former Refuge}

It was strong, sequestered, secure. It had great bones! It was a place the artist went to compose, conceptualize, create, rest and later, revise. It was a former piano factory in the heart of downtown in a community of the creative class. It was luxurious in its renewed spirit, newly opulent since its heyday. Where … Continue reading

Pennsylvania, 1845

I was born in Pennsylvania. Abington to be exact. Although I grew up in Rochester, NY, my first year of life was spent in Willow Grove, PA. Later, I revisited my home state to attend college in Philadelphia. Recently, with camera in tow, I went to the old Slate Hill Cemetery in Yardley, PA. Entering … Continue reading

Delaware Canal in Autumn…


Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones… the continual steps we take toward the progress of our goals. Without them, we stop moving forward. Art’s lifelong process takes us on a journey through our respective endeavors. At first, we’re mired in the mechanics of the process. Later, we build on that as we expand our ever–evolving arsenal of knowledge. Some … Continue reading

Detroit Rock City!

I love Detroit! In a word, it’s the people of Detroit who make this city so unique. You can’t knock it if you’ve never been there. Well, you can, but that’s just talking smack then, isn’t it? Yes, we know… and yeah, we’ve heard it before re: all things downtrodden, ramshackle yada yada yada. Now… do you know … Continue reading

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Translation from Latin: Art is long, life is short… yeah, and don’t we know it?! After a half century on earth, there’s an immense depth of knowledge and yearning for more I suppose. I remember picking up a pencil and using it as a baton at roughly 3 years of age. Ha! That must have been … Continue reading